The Accra Metropolitan Assembly on Monday cleared remnants of traders at the Novotel Park to pave way for the assembly’s development projects.

Monday’s demolishing exercise comes after the AMA had served the traders eviction notices about three months ago.

As at mid-morning when arrived at the scene, the AMA Task Force with the support of heavily armed police personnel were fending off some of the traders who were attempting to salvage their wares. They hurled insults at the authorities for refusing them further time.

The AMA has relocated the traders to the Pedestrian Shopping Mall at Odawna near Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

Watch video of the demolition exercise

Speaking to, Latifa Sherrif, a salt seller who claimed to have been selling at the park for three years said traders at the new venue were refusing them admission to the market. She said the Pedestrian Shopping Mall was not a suitable market because they would not be able to make sales when they move there.

She said she has lost all her goods through the demolishing exercise and called on the government and authorities to give them a better place to sell to prevent them returning to the streets to hawk goods to make a living.