BIBLE READINGS: Matthew 25:1-30; John 15:1-16; 1Cor.4:1-2
Presented by Apostle Emmanuel Achim Gyimah, Area Head, TCOP, Kaneshie, Accra.
INTRODUCTION : The great Theme of The Church of Pentecost for 2015-"Being a Good Steward of God in my Generation", has many dimensions that cover every area of life and service in the Kingdom business.
It covers stewardship of our very lives, families, Mysteries of God's Kingdom, Church, Talents, Gifts of God, professions, businesses, environment, and the nation.
Our growth, maturity and fruitfulness depends largely on the knowledge of the Mysteries of God's Kingdom and word.
From the above varied areas, we can see that every human being stands accountable before God as a steward.
Hence Stewardship has Four Essential Elements:
1.0 Trust: God has trusted to mankind so many valuable treasures that He will demand proper accountability-
 —-The gift of His Son JESUS for our Salvation and eternal
—-   The gift of the Holy Spirit to indwell all believers in Christ.
—- Grace gifts, Spiritual gifts, Ascension gifts, for the Church.
—- Talents, and skills.
—- The word of God to help us grow, mature and bear fruit.
2.0 Responsibility: Our ability to plan and work with the above
      Treasures of God to produce good fruit.
3.0 Accountability: We shall all give to God accounts of what we did with the above treasures when Jesus comes again.
4.0 Judgement: We shall be judged for our Good or Bad Stewardship (Matthew 25:31-46).
God's highest expectation for our Stewardship is FRUITFULNESS.
Fruitfulness was God's mandate to Adam at creation (Gen. 1:26-28). Adam failed to be fruitful due to his disobedience.
Fruitfulness was God's mandate to Israel but she also failed due to their disobedience to God's covenant Laws (Deut.28:1-68).

Aps. Achim Gyimah sermonizes: Fruitfulness in Good Stewardship

Apostle Emmanuel Achim Gyimah

FRUITFULNESS is Jesus Christ's Mandate to His Church (Jn.15:1-16)
To ensure this, God has given us everything we need for life and godliness to be fruitful as listed above (2Peter 1:3-4; Eph. 1:3; Rom. 12:6-8; 1Cor. 12:7-11; EPH. 4:11-16)
1.0 To know Christ and believe in Him (John 6:40; 17:3). Only JESUS can save you from the bondage of sin, satan and death. These are man's greatest enemy that continue to make sinners unfruitful in life. JESUS not only saves but gives you power to change your destiny by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit the moment one accepts JESUS as Lord and Saviour.
2.0 To have daily intimate communion with God: a regular devotional life with God in His presence (John 15:4-5; Job 8:5-7; Jas. 4:8)
3.0 To study the word of God, practice it, and share it (Deut. 28:1-13; Jos. 1:8; Prov. 3:1-10; 2 Tim.2:15; 3:15-17).
4.0 To know your God-given gifts, and Talents; develop and use them for fruitful services (Rom.12:6-8; 1 Cor.12:7-11; Eph.4:11-13).
5.0 To have regular fellowship with God's people, the Church (Acts 2:42-47).
6.0 To be filled and led by or walk by the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:1, 2, 13-25)
7.0 To long for and be ready for the Second Coming of Christ.

Aps. Achim Gyimah sermonizes: Fruitfulness in Good Stewardship
1.0 The fruit of repentance and New birth :Matt. 3:8; 2 Cor.5:17)
2.0 The fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal.5:22)
3.0 The Fruit of Righteousness (2 Pet.1:4-9)
4:0 Biological fruitfulness (Psalm 128; Gen. 1:28; 18:18-19)
5.0 Social, Economical, and Financial/ Labour Fruitfulness (Deut.28:1-13; Col. 3:17,23). This is one area that Christians in our part of the world is lagging behind. Whilst Christians in the Western world make great effort and bring CHRIST to their market-place with creativity to boost productivity, majority of Christians in our nation choose to only focus on prayers and Church work to secure miracles for success or fruitfulness.
Many Christians are not into hard work but the Bible says:" Diligent hands shall rule"; "If you find a man who is diligent in his work, he shall stand before kings"; "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ"- Col.3:23-24.
We thank the Lord God for men like Elders JOSEPH Siaw Adjapong (CEO of Jospong group of Companies, ZOOMLION); Samuel Amo Tobbin of TOBINCO, Kwame Despite of PEACE -FM and UTV, and Apostle Kwadwo Safo, who have brought CHRIST to their market place and businesses and are making huge impact in the Socio-economic life of Ghana. I am praying that these men of God will live long and become models to Change the face of Christianity in Ghana and Africa with regard to work ethics and glorifying God with their business ventures.
God richly bless you.

Presented by Apostle Emmanuel Achim Gyimah, Kaneshie Area Head/ E-mail: CLICK HERE to follow him on facebook

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DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.