The man who is said to have been shot at Ashanti New Town by an NPP activist is responding to treatment at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital.

Mohammed Jibril also known as Maphus or Killer is currently on admission at the male surgical ward of the hospital after being transferred from the Red Zone of the Accident and Emergency Center.

He had before the close of Friday underwent plastic surgery where doctors say was to repair damaged tendons, veins and joint bones.

After the operation which lasted for five hours, he was transferred to the Male Surgical ward where he is currently recuperating.

News of the demise of Maphus has been widely circulated especially on social media since Saturday.

The stoutly built man with long beard and tattoos at the chest, arms and legs has been in stable condition since he returned from the theater.

Whilst Maphus laid on the theater table, Member of Parliament for Manhyia, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh was at the police headquarters in Kumasi writing a cautioning statement to police.

Police say Dr. Prempeh is not a suspect, but his statement will help in investigations.

Public Relations Officer, ASP Yussif Mohammed Tanko says the MP has been asked to report back at a later date.

But Maphus is “alert, conscious and stable”, a doctor at Komfo Anokye told me.

Meanwhile, an NDC delegation led by its General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia and Metro Chief Executive Samuel Sarpong had confrontation with nurses at Komfo Anokye Hospital over filming and taken of photograph of the victim.

The nurses protested, saying it is not allowed at hospital but the KMA boss insisted in Twi “meye Kumasiwura”, meaning I am the owner of Kumasi which gave an urge to the members of the team who were bent on taken pictures and video.

In another development, another man attacked and shot in a reprisal attack at Ashanti New Town is also responding to treatment.

The unidentified man shot in the left leg around the knee joint received multiple gunshot wounds and currently at C2 Ward at the Komfo Anokye Hospital.

He is said to have been shot by supporters of Maphus.


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