Brighter Investment will provide financial support for 1,000 Ghanaian students across eight tertiary institutions this year. The support will cover tuition and accommodation as well as living expenses for beneficiaries for as long as they are in school.

The support is targeted at high school leavers, university undergraduates and masters students in science and business-related programs.. Students must earn between aggregates 6 and 16 in WASSCE or a first or upper class at the university to qualify for the support.

In addition to financing the university education of beneficiaries, Brighter Investment runs a high-impact mentorship program that is geared at ensuring the academic and professional success of beneficiaries.  The mentorship program currently has over 200 students and 130 industry professionals aboard and hopes to expand its scope in the coming months.

Brighter Investment is a Canadian financial services company that has tested an investment-led student financing model for the past four years in Ghana. The deal is: Brighter Investment pays for the higher education of talented students, and after graduating these students repay BI’s investors a percentage of their income for a limited period of time.

Thijs Mathot, CEO of Brighter Investment

With 49 graduates and 172 students supported in the last four years, the results to date show that BI students have outperformed their peers, increased their incomes and are less likely to be unemployed with their degree.  These positive first results suggest that BI’s investment model is a viable solution to improve access to higher education in Ghana.

Brighter Investment is currently receiving applications for the 2019/2020 academic year. Interested students may apply at