Buk Bak regrets split

Veteran Hiplife group Buk Bak made up of Bright Prince Tackie and Ronnie Coaches say that splitting and going solo was the biggest mistake they ever made in their music career.

Speaking on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, the duo said they have really regretted going their separate ways to pursue their solo careers. According to them they believe if they had stayed together, they would have advanced their career and in the process pushed Ghana music forward.

Bright Bling Bling Sparkles as he’s affectionately called was so emotional about the separation, admitting that it was his fault because he was selfish and did not think about the consequences of the split. He therefore used the opportunity to apologize to their fans and general public for their break up and absence from the industry. They added that they miss working together as a group. Bright relocated to New York where he’s been based for the past five years.

Ronnie on the other hand also said the split affected him very much in terms of finances. They both released solo albums that didn’t make the impact they had been making as Buk Bak.

Buk Bak is currently working on an album and will be releasing singles prior to the album launch. According to them they are back for good and open to doing business with stakeholders in the industry.

When the host of Daybreak Hitz, Lexis asked them how they see the music industry at the moment, they said the industry has a bright future and they think Ghanaian artistes are doing well in terms of music and performances.

They added that, now that they are back to work like a group, they are ready to contribute a lot to Ghanaian music. They indicated that they are coming in with a style of music that will be accepted in the industry and they will make a huge impact picking up from where they left.

The duo also said they will apply whatever they have learnt in order to help in industry.

As to what Ghanaian artistes can do to take Ghanaian music international, they advised that Ghanaian music needs good packaging to be able to go international. They are of the view that the artistes need to go through the right channels, talk to the right people and most of all be humble and ready for business.

Buk Bak noted that they always hear of artistes having problems with their producers and advised musicians to master the art of communication amongst themselves and their producers. They also encouraged artistes to be vigilant when signing contracts with producers or any one willing to help them to ensure that they are all on the same page with those they are working with.

On the recent Musiga elections, Buk Bak is of the view that unity is what will enable the association to make an impact in the welfare of musicians in Ghana.