The Aviation Ministry has debunked reports about a supposed diversion of contract earlier awarded to LCB Worldwide (LCB) for the disinfection of airports in Ghana. 

Earlier, the Greater Accra Regional Branch Chairman and General Secretary of the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) had alleged the Minister of Aviation and the Managing Director of the Ghana Aviation Company Limited (GACL) had diverted a contract that was awarded to LCB for the disinfection of the airports to another company.

Speaking to these issues in a press encounter, sector minister, Kofi Addah explained the reason for turning down the offer from LCB is due to the cost implication the contract will have on passengers.

“We’ve made it clear that there was no such contract within the aviation sector and that indeed, the governing board of the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) has turned down an offer to disinfect the airport at a cost unacceptable to GACL. Under this proposal, the cost of disinfection was to be recovered through a levy on domestic and international air passengers.”

Indeed, the LCB had earlier offered to undertake a disinfection exercise for the airports at a cost of US$19million, recoverable through a $20 charge per round trip to be borne by air passengers. However, the offer was rejected by the governing board of the GACL as it would have inadvertently led to a higher cost of air travel.

However, despite the misunderstanding, the Ministry of information wants to make clear that the LCB can continue “with its bid to make installations of appropriate gadgets, subject to approval by the Governing Board of GACL, and giving consideration to costs and related matters.”

Disinfection of Kotoka International Airport

A comprehensive disinfection exercise at the Kotoka International Airport and other major airports across the country on April 28 led way to the easing of air travel advisory in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The disinfection exercise was carried out concurrently at the Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale airports. Over 200 personnel from Zoomlion Ghana, put in 14 groups sprayed the entire Kotoka International Airport including all three terminals, departure lounges, civil aviation buildings, roads among others.

The President ordered the review of Ghana’s travel advisory in March, shutting its air traffic from countries with more than 200 cases of the disease. Domestic flights were also limited.