Pioneering Ghanaian timepiece producing firm, Caveman Watches, swept two awards at the 5th Ghana Manufacturing Awards 2021 held at the Kempinski Hotel. 

It was adjudged the company of the year while its model, the “Blue Volta” won product of the year. 

The “Blue Volta” which was featured in the New York Times in 2019 is a 42mm, Quartz 316L stainless steel minimalist but bold timepiece with an iconic blue sunray dial is currently Caveman’s flagship model making waves across the world. 

Caveman’s Blue Volta awarded product of the year at the 5th Ghana Manufacturing Awards 2021
Chief Executive Officer of Caveman Watches, Anthony Dzamefe

The Chief Executive Officer of Caveman Watches, Anthony Dzamefe, expressed gratitude to the awards board and customers for pushing the company to this end. 

“We have put in a lot of work against adversity and these awards are indications that we are doing something right and we can go all the way with the warm support we keep getting from Ghanaians over the world. This is a brand for the people,” he said in an interview with 

He added that the company’s zeal to go beyond the Ghanaian border by satisfying the demands of customers across the globe is “an indication that the status quos can be broken and anything can be achieved when one believes.”

Mr. Dzamefe promised his entity would not relent on their quest to put Ghana on the map while it impacts lives with its Corporate Social Responsibility activities. 

He indicated that Caveman Watches is poised to serve customers with a new range of models with a classical touch at affordable rates in the coming years. 

“We will launch one major new model by August. It will be the biggest thing for the company this year,” he stressed. 

CAVEMAN WATCHES which started operating in 2018 has a wide range of products, mostly blended with an African touch.