The Central Tongu National Democratic Congress’ Communication Bureau have apologised for the altercation that ensued between an assigned communication team member of the NDC and a social commentator with strong leanings to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on Dela Radio.

According to them, the incident which occurred while the two were panelists on the Hododio programme on Dela Radio,was unfortunate and would not be repeated again.

They assured the general public that the two were going to iron out their differences, emphasising that they were friends and not enemies.

“We are grateful our two good panelist friends are about to iron out this “small one.” NDC and NPP communicators are not enemies. We are friends.”

They also assured the general public that the altercation was not indication of future clashes between the two factions during the December polls thus called for calm in the area.

They further apologised for any damages they may have caused the radio station.

Below is the full statement;


The Central Tongu NDC Communications Bureau have become aware of published stories on radio and social media on the above subject. The exchanges supposedly occured between an assigned Communication Team Member of the NDC and a social commentator with strong leanings to the NPP at the studios of Dela Radio 105.7 MHz on Saturday, August 1, 2020.

Inasmuch as the leadership of the Communications Bureau have been unable to listen to the live stream of the programme mainly because we had engaged ourselves with the last phase of the ongoing registration exercise and the burial of the illustrious mother of our Director of Elections on that fateful day, he had reports of what transpired and appreciated the depth in reports and commentaries.

We, with the foregoing, thus resolved, as communications officers of the party, to state as follows.

That, the NDC at all material times is engraved in discussing issues and not resorting to the use of physical forces or abusive words to espousing her points. It is our fervent belief that, we have superior records of our candidates (PC and Flagbearer) in Central Tongu when it comes to achievements and we are prepared to promote and defend same.

That, the assigned NDC communicator is a senior party member in the region and is very decent both in physique and in character. In fact some of us are happy to have pass through his hands. As he’s verily known, he’s careful in his thought processes and diction. Our NPP colleague too is very meticulous in his radio commentaries. They are both fine gentlemen, we admit.

That, the NDC does not endorse any form of violence, especially when it comes to violence and we shall condemn any minutiae form of it. However, drawing inspiration from the Ayawaso West Wuogon Commission Report violence and its disingenuous white-washing on the grounds of provocation by the President, we all as citizens have the state backing to defend ourselves should we ever get provoked, especially during this electioneering period. But certainly, that provocation will not emanate from the NDC in Central Tongu.

As have been always demonstrated by the leader of the party in the constituency, Confidence Abotsi, we urge all communicators should focus on the impact of the various interventions of the MP on the lives of the constituents in all their communications. It is also our feeling that, in comparing the output of the leaders they appointed for us or we elected ourselves, we do so contextually by looking at the quantum of resources that accrue to them.

We are grateful our two good panelist friends are about to iron out this “small one.” NDC and NPP communicators are not enemies. We are friends.

I use this opportunity to apologise to Dela Radio for any damage we might have caused.

Thank you.

Issued by NDC CTCB