The National Information Technology Agency (NITA) is set to begin investigations into a tape making rounds on social media alleging the conspiracy by political leaders to cover up the outbreak of the deadly Ebola disease in Ghana.

Director General of NITA, William Tevi told Joy News the agency is making sure that it is able to get to the source of the WhatsApp message.

“We will use all technology available to us to unravel the source of this false message which has been on WhatsApp.

The claims were supposedly made at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana.

The group has disassociated itself from contents of the tape and challenged anyone who has evidence of such statement at the AGM to come out boldly and not “hide behind the faceless and nameless tape to create such fear and panic and further distort the critical issues discussed at the meeting”.

However, the Mr. Tevi said the agency will conduct a more detailed investigation and details will be requested from WhatsApp in order to determine the origin of the tape.

He said government is keen on finding out the motive with which the tape was circulated in order for it to understand what it is all about.

The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is known to be the deadliest to date after the first case was reported in Democratic Republic of Congo’s Zaire in 1976.

The Ebola virus has sickened about 2127 people and killed 1145 of them in the worst hit countries; Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria with Liberia recording the highest death toll of 413.

Even though there is no known vaccine or cure for the disease an experimental ZMapp drug has been sent to Liberia where three doctors suffering from the virus have been put on a six day treatment programme.

Two American health care workers who have received the drug are said to be responding to treatment while a Spanish missionary who was also administered the drug has died.







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