The Ghana Institution of Engineers (GhIE) in collaboration with the Civil Technical Division has held Civil Engineers Conference at the Engineers Centre on Thursday, 8th September, 2016.

Under the theme,’Regulating the Civil Engineering Profession in Ghana for Effective Delivery’, the conference attracted Civil Engineers Subgroups namely: Geogroup, Structures, Transport, Water, Sanitary, Environmental, Hydrological, Geomatic and Construction Management, Health & Safety.

Chairman of the Conference, Ing. Wilfred E.O. Apatu called for integration of Sandwich Courses into the Engineer’s Training Programme to keep them abreast with changing trends in their Design, Construction and Management.

“In our part of the world, we would have to, in addition to the theoretical training of the Civil Engineers, look seriously at the integration of Sandwich courses into the Engineer’s Training Programme, by attachment to the construction industry. “

“Those in the practice need attachments to Foreign to consultancies and large scale Civil Engineering Construction sites to keep abreast with changing trends. It will be worthwhile to focus the acquisition of further degree programmes in Civil Engineering on practical training in Building Construction on large scale projects and in Highway Engineering on the practical aspects of Quality Control that will ensure more durable infrastructure”, Ing. Apatu explained.

The Chair of the Civil Technical Division, Ing. Oddei explained the key objective for deliberations at the conference, which supported the views of the Conference Chairman, to include how to develop professional capacities to meet the challenges ahead.

“I want to remind my colleagues of the Engineering Council, which is now regulating our practice. One important parameters required for renewal of our annual professional license is the Continuous Professional Development (CPD), which includes our involvement in the training programmes and activities organized by GhIE”, Ing. Oddei concluded.

The Conference, which was attended by some Engineering Council members, Executive Secretary of GhIE, Ing. George Essandoh, was sponsored by Fotcal Ventures, Saint-Gobain and Rain Coat Roofing Systems Ltd.