The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) says it is still in the business of clearing of all goods through the county’s seaports, despite restrictions on movement.

The Authority in a press statement explained that the President’s restrictions did not include the movement of all cargoes in and out of the country.

“Thus, Importers, cargo owners, freight forwarders and all Port users who have goods to clear from Ghana’s ports, are entreated to undergo needed processes and clear their goods, until and unless there is any executive correspondence to the contrary,” the statement clarified.

Social distancing rules are, however, being strictly adhered to at the ports, thus individuals eligible to transact business at the ports, will be a given a special permit by GPHA, and Customs will be issuing special passes to freight forwarders and Importers.

In order to minimise crowding at the ports, importers are being advised to conduct business through Clearing and Forwarding Agents.

“GPHA wishes to assure the public that adequate measures have been put in place to observe the necessary physical distancing and hygiene protocols at Ghana’s ports,” it added.

The Authority advised all Port users including, freight forwarders and their importers to contact GPHA on and for their permits.