New Ghana coach Goran Stevanovic has hit the ground running by meeting Sulley Muntari over his return to the Black Stars fold, can exclusively reveal.

The meeting was held in Milan this week before Muntari travelled to the United Kingdom to complete his move to Sunderland.

The Serbian boss met the midfielder to state the rules for his return to the Black Stars after being ostracized under ex-boss Milovan Rajevac.

Disciplinary problems meant the Inter Milan ace missed the Africa Cup of Nations in Angola last year but was called for the World Cup in South Africa where Muntari was accused of being disruptive.

But Muntari has told new Ghana coach Stevanovic that he will abide by camp rules and ready to show his commitment to the Black Stars cause.

“I met with coach Goran Stevanovic in Milan and we had a very fruitful discussion,” Muntari told exclusively.

“As I have always said my commitment to Ghana is unquestionable and where people had issues with me, I am ready to examine them and make things right and better.

“I am keen on helping my country go higher because I am fiercely competitive. I want to return to the Black Stars and I am happy that coach Stevanovic has given me the chance and I will not disappoint him.”

Muntari has not seen international action with the Black Stars after the World Cup after series of bust-ups with former coach Milovan Rajevac.

Stevanovic was officially unveiled as new Ghana coach this month and said he wants a disciplined Muntari to return to the Black Stars.

The Serbian coach’s contract starts next month but he has started his work even without pay.



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