Some coffee processors are calling on government to expedite the process of investing in packaging in the coffee industry.

According to them, their goal is to meet the international market standard.

“My design is done here but the packaging is done in China because I don’t want to create a product that cannot compete internationally. There are businesses here involved in making boxes for the product but they cannot produce pouches like these. So we have no choice than to import from China”CEO of Café Magnifico, Ivy Wireh said.

“There have been promises to invest in the sector, they [government] should speed up”, she emphasized.

Mrs. Wireh, a young entrepreneur in coffee processing, also said the sector is not lucrative at the moment, but should government explore the prospects, it will grow bigger.

“I won’t say it is lucrative now because no one set the ropes for us in the sector to follow. We’re still learning in the industry. So we’re are investing but we losing money though they are prospects for the industry,” she said.

Meanwhile, Seidu Ansomana, a coffee farmer at Bepong in the Eastern Region is optimistic that the Planting for Export and Rural Development will help the sector achieve its target of producing 100,000 tonnes of coffee by 2023.

“We’re already in 2021, but the birth of the Planting for Export and Rural Development initiated in 2018 brings some hope to the table. Kwahu South District is one of the places government is partnering with to ensure the success of the programme”.

“I believe this is achievable in 2023,” he said.