Infrastructural and other challenges are impeding health care delivery at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital at Wiamoase in the Sekyere South District of the Ashanti Region.

Authorities say works on expansion projects have come to a standstill due to funding constraints.

The situation has resulted in congestion and increased referrals, amid pressure on personnel and facilities.

The Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) project at the hospital has stalled for over 10 years while the existing maternity block is overstretched.

The project that has been on hold for over 10 years

Authorities are applying internally-generated funds, with support from some individuals in the area to improve facilities at a slow pace.

Providing some details of the situation, Medical Superintendent, Dr. Michael Addo, said the hospital officials have struggled to get the facility to its current state.

“The on-going maternity block has stalled for more than 10 years but we are trying to complete it by the end of this year,” Dr. Addo says. “We’ve raised the building and roofed it. We are now plastering it but it has been very difficult for us because of financial constraints.”

He said a native of Wiamoase has also been very instrumental in bringing the project to where it is today and called for more support, pointing out that health care delivery is being severely hampered.

“Quality health service delivery has been very difficult for us because we don’t have enough space. Sometimes we have to put mattresses on the floor for patients to sleep on, and it’s really taking toll on quality health services on our part as some mothers and babies pick infections from the hospital,” Dr. Addo said.

The stalled 100-capacity MBU project is expected to provide the solace, when it is completed.

“The on-going project is expected to ease congestion at the existing maternity block, because it will accommodate at least 100 patients and it will also ease the rate of referrals from our facilities to nearby hospitals,” Dr Addo added.