Ten couples whose love stories emerged the best in the Luv FM ’My Love Story Promotion have been hosted to a dinner to climax Valentine’s Day.

Accounts of their relationship experiences were selected from hundreds of entries that share how and, especially, where their love journeys started.

Love at first sight which provokes boldness to communicate you feelings to the opposite sex, Solace for distressed ladies who are maltreated by their spouses who could be close friends.

What about asking for a man’s shoulder to rest your head and getting his lap to deal with ‘discomfort’ on a STC bus?

Yes, these are some of the stories selected and told on Metro Mix hosted by the elegant and free-laughing   Nana Akua, alongside ‘My Love Story’ Promotion Ambassador , Gloria ‘da Soul Sister.

Participant after participant traced their respective journey live in-studio, with corroboration from their spouses on phone. And if you have Nana Akua in the seat laughter can never be a sellable commodity because she will compel you to give it for free.

If the contacts first encounters were awe-inspiring, then the reunion after inevitable break could be miraculous.

Funerals for relatives of some partners provided the platform for ‘reconnection’ and, ultimately, a walk down the aisle.

Some had to discover, after years the ladies whose phone numbers they misplaced under mysterious circumstances and driven into tears amid sleepless nights, were sitting in their lecture hall as students.

And the old spark reignited a ‘blaze’ that ended in ‘for better, for worse’ and ‘you may kiss the bride’’.

Daniel was ‘umbrella’ for Masella when she was going out with his friend who ‘terrorized’ the lady.

Massela ended up finding solace in the warm hands of Daniel whose friend became history.

Two of the couples met on STC buses on separate trips from Kumasi to Tamale. An ‘uncomfortable’ Nana Akua never hesitated to ask for the shoulder of her male seat -mate to rest her head. The man offered his lap for a ‘recovery bed’ for the 270 mile or 432 kilometre journey to the Northern Regional capital. The follow-up culminated into marriage for almost ten years now.

The Volta Regional capital, Ho, proved decisive for the future of two participating couples.

Newly-posted teacher Tamakloe was swept off his feet by student athlete, Emelia’s pointed nose , brown eyes and  ‘tempting’ eye-brows  during ‘Interco’ in Ho.  He had no time for the dilly-dally.

The young teacher dropped the ‘bombshell ‘ : ‘I will marry this girl’ were the first words he uttered even before he had time to introduce himself. A ‘galamsey’ relationship that ensued truncated when Emelia  completed school and left Ho.

Despite maintaining contacts the two never met until Tamakloe's grandpa died and a friend invited Emelia to accompany her to the funeral only to discover his ‘lost’ boyfriend had been bereaved.

At that point, Tamakloe said, ‘’I won’t let you go’’.

Yayra was moved almost to tears by fruitless search for a piece of paper on which a girl whose looks had hypnotized him, wrote her phone number for him, at first sight, was probably ‘stolen by the ‘dwarfs’. Almost six years later , as a lecturer, the persistent smiles at him by one of the students never gave him the slightest hint of his ‘lost treasure’.

A strange tap on his shoulders from the back by an unknown  person was all it took for him to rediscover his ‘wife’ who had ‘traced him to Kumasi. Three years later they got married. 

Buying birthday and other occasion gifts for a woman you are heads over heels in love with even when she has told you she is in a relationship may seem quite normal, perhaps, if you are the ‘generous’ type.

How about getting to know she takes the items, including a ‘white Bible” to his boyfriend and they make fun of you because they believe you are on a wild goose chase?

 Joseph never gave up; he endured the mockery, persisted and may be, prayed. Finally, the Jericho Wall of his ‘rival’ collapsed and, voi la, Clara became his for ever. What’s your own love story?