So it didn’t click earlier on, you know. It did way later.

Health and medicine is primary concern per my former and initial training. So when this began, I was focused on the need to prevent spread and help as many people as may be possible from becoming statistics to this corona problem. 

If you may have noticed then, I was on a one-man campaign writing on the problem in Wuhan even when it was still in China ONLY and has not yet spread outside of China to the world. 

I was writing primarily to EDUCATE as many people as possible regarding what was happening in Hubei province to create that unique awareness and bring to the fore a special INSIGHT that may not be available otherwise from anywhere else in the world. Of course, almost nobody paid heed.

People said my writings were ‘too much’ and ‘too long’. I kept writing and sharing what the mass media and open sources churned out about the Wuhan problem daily.

With time in February 2020, my business partners had a request for large volumes of supplies of Covid-19 management and containment wares for clients in the West sent to me.

At that time, people began realizing what global danger did loom. I shared this with a couple of people (not on this platform then, because I had stopped writing here and didn’t want to violate that self limitation at the time).

My understanding then was that this problem would be held outside of Ghana and for multiple reasons. But then came Oslo. I had missed that angle.

Norway became the problem as the Ambassador in Ghana reportedly tested positive for the virus. The United Nations’ worker also reportedly tested positive.

I realized how I miscalculated the progression from Wuhan then or how I missed the evolving international operation. But then I also understood immediately what was happening.

Ghana would probably not have declared any single Covid-19 case were the Norwegian ambassador and UN person’s situation not made public. If Ghana did not declare officially, COVID-19 cases would have been handled quietly without the public being subjected to the hysteria that came with it.

The associated cost would have been prevented and or minimized and that would have been normal practice in Ghana. However, Ghana had to be ‘forced’ to declare for reasons that are becoming clearer by the day.

So we had our President invited into a party with the Norwegian Ambassador and then hours or days later, the ambassador was said to have had the virus so that the wife was isolated and our President and his people were all EXPOSED. Since then, we had to declare that we had Covid-19 cases and the rest is now history.

 While this was happening, the media hysteria did not make much sense given the Covid-19 statistics.

Neither did the so called celebrity and high profile personality advocacy and order for people to STAY HOME.

The GMA Ghana Medical Association that could have picked the signal from Wuhan and have an advisory sent to the Director-General of Ghana Health Service and or the Minister of Health for the President to be properly guided, was involved in a financial conflict in that critical period leading to Ghana declaring its first Covid-19 cases.

 It was threatening an industrial action.

The GMA would however soon add its voice to the lockdown hysteria as the pressure mounted on the executive.

Meanwhile the media had not been accurate about anything serious for a long time. The global experts have not either. For the media and global experts to lead the charge on this matter with the discredited WHO means so much then. It got me thinking harder.

Note that the media and experts failed to predict BREXIT or Trump’s win, and or warn the world against Wuhan. These were world changing events.

Their credibility had been issue with regards to accuracy and predictive correctness. Still, these people led the advocacy for Covid-19 containment and their prescription must be sacrosanct when they failed to anticipate the spread, to begin with?

It did not make sense.

Then it began to make sense.

The Ethiopian puppet at the WHO is or was a communist. Communist China unleashed this problem on the world. The WHO had been whoring for China for some time now.

The effect of Covid-19 includes cost to global and national economies, the claw back of constitutional gains and the incremental imposition of the surveillance state. These serve interests that benefit China and the international bureaucracy that favor globalization and communist China.

The WHO failed to anticipate Wuhan, failed to hold China accountable, failed to act to keep the problem within China, refused to declare a pandemic in time to help limit spread from China and across the globe, criticized Donald  Trump for acting to limit spread from China to the West and the world then SUDDENLY KNEW ALL ABOUT GLOBAL CONTAINMENT OF THIS PROBLEM including demanding that people stay at home?

Why the focus on people staying off the streets but could be crowded at home?

Why didn’t the WHO act to limit the problem to China when it was possible anyway?

Doing so would have minimized the cost to the world and the world’s people. But Tedros and the WHO did not. WHY?

These are some of the questions we set out to answer when we stumbled upon the   plot that used Covid-19 as the cover. And it all makes so much sense now.

Going forward, we hope that the medical community act gallantly to contain the public health emergency while best protected from the contagion, and that our best thinkers may come to grasp the import of ALL this viral cover so to strategize to limit the overall cost to our homeland Ghana.

But then again, the question is whether or not we know what to do when the realization of what international game is at play, finally dawn on enough of our thinkers and strategists. Do we know?