The Fomena Police is citing Covid-19 as the reason for the delay in prosecuting a man who shot and maimed his wife at Akromaso in the Adansi-North District of Ashanti Region.

Simon Krampah, 36, shot his wife several times over suspicion that she was cheating on him in December 2019.

Thirty-three-year-old Akua Sarfowaa sustained gunshot wounds on her buttocks, breasts, and arms leading to the amputation of her right arm.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Anita Serwaa Adzoga, she stated that she is unable to feed her six children after having a part of her arm amputated.

However, after nearly a year since the incident occurred, the suspect has been on remand in police custody.

According to the Fomena District Police Commander, Supt. Fii Ochill because of the pandemic suspects were not allowed to be commuted from court to court and back to prisons.

He told JoyNews that the order put a stop to resolving the case in court.

Supt Ochill added that another reason for the delay was that the victim spent many months in the hospital recovering from the injuries she suffered during the attack.

He said it was tasking getting the medical reports needed to create a duplicate docket for the Attorney General.

He revealed that an order has been to commute suspects to court, prison and back, thus, a docket has been sent to the Attorney general whom they are waiting on for advice.

“Usually when issues like this come this way we prepare duplicate docket and send to the Attorney General. They will also study it and indicate which charges we should refer to.

“In most cases like this, they themselves suggest the high court,” Supt Ochill added.

Supt Ochill revealed that Mr Krampah was initially sent to court on the charges of attempted murder.

His gun used to commit the crime is also with CID headquarters where a ballistic examination is ongoing, he added.