An ardent listener of JoyFM has disclosed that the Covid-19 pandemic prevented him from getting married even though he had made plans for it.

According to the caller who identified himself as George, calling from Kumasi, he had raised enough money to proceed with the marriage rites when suddenly Covid-19 hit the shores of the country and President Akufo-Addo further announced a lockdown and imposed some restrictions.

This decision affected many individuals as well as organisations causing most businesses (including that of George) to close down until the pandemic had been controlled.

Hit by hardships resulting from the lockdown, George told the host of JoyFM’s Super Morning Show, Winston Amoah that he was compelled to fall on the money he had saved towards his marriage ceremony for survival.

“I had prepared money to get married, about 2,500 cedis, and during the lockdown, I had no option. Close to 3 weeks that we had been locked down I had already used up all the money,” he said.

His comment comes as part of discussions on the impact of Covid-19, a year after the pandemic visited the country.

Speaking further on the show, George stated that the situation has almost caused a rift in his relationship (with his supposed wife) as she picks frequent fights with him over the situation.

He is also yet to come to terms with the situation, although he hopes to put things back in order and proceed with the ceremony.

“Up to now, I’ve not been able to get over it. Sometimes I cry but I hope to get things in order soon,” he added.