A law lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) has entered what has now turned into a trade of thoughts on the relevance of courses taught at the country’s premier university.

Justice Srem Sai in a Facebook post said, “it is true that critical thinking…is flying half-mast on our campuses and, that’s the bigger point that I understand Senyo [Hosi] to be making.”

According to the lawyer, “if the universities take critical thinking seriously, preparedness for life (including preparedness for jobs) will follow as a matter of course.”

“After all, most employers don’t need or actually expect a fit-to-the-mark recruit. All an employer needs is a trainable person. But you’re not trainable if critical thinking is not your best friend. And, if you’re an employer in this town, you’d know that even trainable persons are hard to come by,” he wrote.

‘You guys are not thinking!’ – Senyo Hosi fires UG management

Sai’s comments follow the University of Ghana (UG) Professor, Ransford Gyampo’s response to Mr Hosi who launched an attack on the management of the UG for churning out unemployable graduates.

‘UG management not thinking’: Prof Gyampo responds to Senyo Hosi ‘loose talk’

At an event UG’s marking its 70th anniversary, the CEO of Bulk Oil Distributors standing in front of a sparse audience, directed his tirade at management and lecturers stressing, “you guys are not thinking.”

“You are churning out people with degrees not people with an education, not people with skills,” the entrepreneur who said he bags three degrees from the university.

He stressed he will not hire MBA graduates from the University of Ghana because they lack relevant skills.

In a no holds barred criticism, Senyo Hosi called for the clearing out of old managers and lecturers in the school.

“Respectfully, the old men running this school, they are too many. Get them out!”

“I beg you, you guys are not doing anything that is relevant for the future,” the alumnus stated frankly.

But in a response to Hosi, Prof. Gyampo described the businessman’s commentary as loose talk.

“I disagree with you that UG people don’t think. I rather will wish to question your own ability to think. It seems to me that you spoke without any introspection. Your words were unexamined.

“Otherwise, how did you obtained three degrees from an institution of non-thinkers,” the lecturer quizzed.