A Political Science lecturer has called into question the government’s stance on Thursday's premiered Joy News undercover investigations.

The said investigation revealed that a former seat of government, the Osu Castle, is a breeding ground of pro-New Patriotic Party militia, De-Eye group.

The undercover investigation said the De-Eye Group, has been operating for the past two years since this government took office. They are divided into four units – Alpha, Chalie, Delta, and the Special Unit. They meet on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Sometimes there are up to 400 of them in the Castle. They wear black suits and white shirts.

However, the investigation has been faulted by the government on many grounds, including a denial that the president is aware of this militia. “The President has no knowledge of the alleged activities of this group, let alone sanction their activities. My checks from National Security have revealed that no such group is operating from the Castle, ” a source from the Presidency told the lead investigator, Manasseh Azure Awuni.  

The Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has also said it is untrue a claim in the documentary that the Osu Castle, the operational headquarters of the group, is a security zone.


But speaking on Newsfile, a Joy News analysis program Saturday, Dr. Seidu Alidu of the University of Ghana said whether the President is aware of this group or not still raises serious questions.

If he is aware “then there is hypocrisy-calling for disbandment yet keeping them.”

By this comment, the political science lecturer was making allusions to earlier calls by the president at two important national functions, the President’s third State of the Nation's Address and the recent 62nd Independence Anniversary, where he tasked political parties to voluntarily disband  their militia, failing which he may be compelled to pass legislation to that effect. 

Aside from hypocrisy, the political science lecturer is questioning the wisdom in allowing a group of this nature to operate in an important state facility. “Ministers use there [the castle] and Short Commission is there, that is a serious concern,” he said.

Flipping the coin, Alidu said, “if the President is not aware, then there is somebody in privilege position protecting them [the militia group].” He argued that one cannot gain access to this facility without somebody in high position protecting them.

A former Deputy finance minister

A former Deputy Finance Minister, Mona Quartey agreed to this position. Sharing the same panel with the lecturer Saturday, she said “one of the things unnerving is the President not knowing them[the militia]. Does that mean the National Security top men did not know too? There are security people always in that facility. Somebody did turn a blind eye, ” she added