The Deputy Attorney General, Hon Barton Oduro has called on the leadership of Musiga to do all in its power to ensure unity within the rank and file of Musiga.

Hon. Barton Oduro gave the advice to the leadership of Musiga when they paid a courtesy on him on Monday.

The deputy Minister expressed the need for Unity among musicians saying that was the only way to ensure the progress of the Union.

Obour on his part updated the deputy Minister on some of the steps the leadership of Musiga has taken pertaining to unity.

He also spoke about the vision of the new Musiga and the drive for prosperity within the ranks of Musiga.

The discussions also covered the pending cultural policy as well as the problems related to CD’s that are bought here in Ghana and are retailed abroad to the detriment of the musicians who produce the music.

Hon Barton Oduro on his part assured the Musiga delegation of government’s preparedness to ensure that the security agencies are adequately educated on copyright issues.

Ace Hi-life musician Ben Brako who was also at the meeting called on government to consider including artistes on foreign trips to showcase Ghanaian music on the international level.

He noted that during the Kwame Nkrumah era, most musicians had the opportunity to travel with government officials abroad and that helped in promoting Ghanaian music.

Obour thanked the deputy AG for his time and expressed the hope that the AG’s department would always welcome them with open hands.