An NDC  youth group, Diplomatic Platform has presented  assorted food  items including  unspecified amount of cash meant to put smiles on the face of the ace Ghanaian highlife musician, Jewel Kofi Ackah whose has contributed immensely to the party.
The items included 3 bags of rice, carton of corned beef, a carton of milo, a carton of milk, 3 boxes of water, a box of sardine, a gallon of oil, 3 boxes of tuna flakes and 3 boxes of Don Simon fruit Juice.

The group showed the kind appreciation when they paid a courtesy call on the highlife hitmaker at his residence in Tema Community 3 recently.

Diplomatic Platform administrator, Julius Logass said that the donation amounts is just a token the group is offering to him for his invaluable contribution towards the NDC party.

"This is just a little kindness in our quest to support towards a great musician whose achievements have been remarkable in turning the fortunes of our dear party around. We deem it fit as a group in our own small way to show our heartfelt appreciation for his tremendous support for the party” he said. 

Mrs Obuobia Opoku-Darko, a leading member of the group who presented the items on behalf of the group noted that the legendary musician was a gem whose effort has kept the dream of the party alive in both good and bad times.

He was very inspirational pushing and urging us to rise above every challenge we’ve faced as youths till victory shines its face upon the party, not even forgetting his melodious tune that made the party’s favorite anthem, Obuobia recalled.

She said: "On a day like this, we thought it wise to come here and show a little appreciation of our love for Jewel Ackah, a highlife musician of no mean-repute, a man who stood behind pushing most of us up when we were down  to wish him well for his love, support and care for the party. It is our hope that it'll go a long way to put a smile on his face and that of his family. May God richly bless him and grant him good health throughout his entire life” she stated

Receiving the items, the renowned highlife artiste, Jewel, thanked the group for their kind gesture. He urged the group members to be steadfast and serve the party with loyalty in both good and bad times as a reflection of love for the party which he himself has demonstrated for the party over the years.

Jewel Ackah was the famous musician who composed the NDC anthem, “Arise Arise’”.

The legendary iconic highlife figure was one of the many musicians who popularized highlife music in the 1980s and 1990s. His sweet voice and enticing Fante Lyrics made him an exceptional artiste. After years in the highlife scene, he found Christ and shifted to gospel music in the late 1990s.

Jewel Ackah has over 27 albums to his credit and he is married with six children.

The Diplomatic Platform is a whatsapp platform created with youth membership of 100 who shares in the principles and ideology of the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC).

This is the third time the Platform has stretched its charity arm to support a worthy cause.

First was the Weija Leprosarium followed by the inmates of the Akropong School for the blind recently.




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