A dog decided to take a sprinkler inside his owner’s home because he was really hot and we can’t really blame him.

OK, we admit it was not the smartest thing to do but considering how warm it was outside it’s understandable.

A picture of the dog causing mayhem was posted on Facebook by his owner Cara Wohr.

It showed the animal in delirium as he enjoyed the cool water on his body.

The caption on the post said: ‘That moment when your puppy drags the sprinkler through the doggie door. ‘Good thing I was wearing waterproof mascara.’

There were mixed views about the dog’s behaviour. A Facebook user wrote: ‘Lol. So horrible and hilarious at the sametime. Looks like something Rizzo would do.

’ Another person did not want to give her pets any ideas, adding: ‘I’m not showing this to my dogs!!!!’

This person was amazed the owner took a picture, writing: ‘Idk what’s funnier, the fact the dog did that, or the fact you took a picture before getting the sprinkler the fuck out of the house.’