President of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Philippa Larsen has called on parents not to be spectators in the fight against Covid-19.

The country, in the last few weeks, has recorded a surge in infections with over 350 deaths.

Meanwhile, basic schools resumed Monday following the president’s announcement of the reopening of schools to ensure a smooth 2021 academic year.

While expressing her observations on day 1 of resumption, the GNAT boss said; “the concern here is for parents to support; all Ghanaian citizens are not spectators, all of us are stakeholders of education.”

She insisted that although “teachers are well prepared for the job ahead”, there is also a need for parents and guardians to assist in educating their wards on Covid-19 and the protocols to safeguard the lives of students.

Speaking on Pm: Express Monday, Phillipa Larsen noted that most children who showed up in the various schools Monday, were without masks.

She said although the government will provide facemasks to all schools across the country, parents must ensure their children are masked before getting to school for another.

“We expect parents to make sure that before the child leaves the house or home for the school, (he or she is in a mask) because, in the new normal, the mask has become part of our dressing,” she told JoyNews.

Madam Larsen also observed that some schools may receive their logistics late because the number of schools reopened is huge compared to the arrangement made for the second and final year students.

“So definitely you may expect that the supply may delay in some areas depending on where you find yourself in the community, district or region.”

Schools in the country fully resumed on Monday, January 18, for the 2021 academic year to continue after months of closure.