Dennis Nana Dwamena, better known as KiDi, met in person with his lookalike on an Adom TV Show over the weekend.

KiDi was slated to honour the ever-entertaining Ahosepe Xtra Show but was caught up in the surprise of meeting his lookalike relaxed in his seat.

There was an expression of confusion on the face of the artiste and drama when the two met.

The Ghanaian highlife and afrobeat singer stood amazed studying his look-alike who was wearing similar clothes as him.

The host for the Show, Sister Sandy was also in a state of confusion trying hard to figure out who her real guest was.

Several minutes of display unfolded after which the ‘fake’ KiDi revealed that he was just doppelgänger and a big fan of the award-winning artiste.

KiDi was so excited with the great joy shown him by his fan. A cheerful conversation continued between the two after the show.