The Ghana Health Service has warned the public to refrain from contact with bats as the threat of the deadly Ebola disease still looms in the West African region.

Head of Disease Surveillance at the Service, Dr. Badu Sarkodie, told journalist on Thursday that anyone who handles forest animals especially bats must put on gloves and other appropriate protective clothing keep safe from the virus.

 He also cautioned that raw meat meant to be eaten must be well-cooked to prevent contact with the deadly virus.

The Ebola virus disease which is also known as 'Ebola fever is caused by a virus belonging to the family called Filoviridae.

The virus can be spread between humans by close contact with infected body fluids or through infected needles.

In Guinea, a total of 248 clinical cases and 171 deaths have been recorded.

Eight cases of suspected Ebola Virus were found out to be negative in Ghana since the first case of Ebola was recorded in Guinea earlier this year.

Deputy Director of the Ghana Health Service, Dr Gloria Quansah -Asare said the health service “sensitized and trained our health workers to be on the alert and now we have to educate the media because you are also the mouth piece and people listen to you. You will also alleviate myths and misconceptions when you know the truth. It is very infectious and lethal it also kills and we need to know how it is spread: as a country, as a community and as a house hold.”

She was speaking at a workshop organised by the Disease Surveillance Department of the service in Accra.

Diagnose of Ebola disease can be only be conducted through laboratory testing at the Nuguchi Memorial Research Institute.