Mrs Rebecca Kabukie Adjalo, Electoral Commission (EC) Member responsible for the Western Region, on Tuesday said the commission had teamed up with the Information Services Department and the National Commission of Civic Education to educate the public on changes in the legal framework for District Level Elections (DLE) and to whip public interest in the election.

She was speaking at a Regional workshop for District Officers of the EC, ISD and the NCCE on the elections at Takoradi.

The meeting was to update the knowledge of the district officers on the legal framework for DLE, share ideas on communication strategies required for effective public education and improved citizen participation in the DLE and the shared responsibilities and efficient use of resources in the light of budgetary constraints.

Mrs Adjalo said the brief period between the legal changes in November this year and the elections in December made it difficult to inform the citizenry adequately of the legal changes by way of public education.

She said the time and resources available to the Commission were always not enough to mount the required number of platforms for the candidates.

Source: GNA