The Electoral Commission says it has launched a full-blown investigation into the alleged registering of Ivorians during the voters’ registration exercise at Banda Kabrono, in the Bono region.

According to the Commission, their attention was drawn to the crime after a video of about 66 Ivorians, who were arrested for illegally acquiring the voters’ ID, went viral.

“As a commission determined to compile a register which reflects eligible Ghanaians only, we take this matter very seriously,” the Commission wrote in a press release.

The EC stated that they will not shield any member of their staff found to have aided these foreigners to secure the ID.

“The Commission will use all legal means available to it to ensure that the names of all ineligible persons are removed from Ghana’s voters’ register.”

They pledged to ensure that the register compiled for the 2020 voters’ register bears the hallmark of credibility and integrity.

The EC urged Ghanaians who have witnessed any illegalities at the various centres including ones executed by officials to report them to the Commission or the security agencies.

EC statement on registered Ivorians

Meanwhile, the 30 days voters registration exercise officially ended on Thursday, August 6.

At a press conference, the EC said that it will embark on a mop-up exercise for all Ghanaians who were unable to register on August 8 and 9. 

Deputy Chairperson Dr Bossman Asare said the Commission has registered about 16.6 million persons during the exercise.

This, he stated, is consistent with data from the Ghana Statistical Service regarding the total number of Ghanaians above the age of 18.

He added that data from the ended nationwide registration exercise justifies its push to have a new electoral roll compiled.

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