Communication is a necessary skill for the 21st-century employee.

Some research have shown that people with strong communication skills are more confident and have the ability to hold their own, in any given situation that is why personal branding expert, Em Bartels is back again with Elocution 101.

Since 2017 Em Bartels has been embarking on the journey of teaching people in the corporate world effective way of communicating for a better work environment.

The masterclass is aimed at supporting corporate executives and communicators in the art of oral delivery, diction, and public speaking.

Furthermore, it was also developed to support communicators and communication teams, to build and grow their oratory and presentation skills in Ghana.

The fear of Public Speaking or Oral Communication, which affects 85% of people globally, can stop the best and promising executives from career progression.

“An employees ability to communicate is arguably the single most important skill in your life,” says Em Bartels.

However,  confident spoken articulation will not be the only take away from this class.

 Em Bartels will educate the patrons on voice control and how important it is to speech delivery.

Communications Lecturer of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Tim Quarshiga, after inviting Em to speak in his class had this to say: “Em treats Elocution with such mastery and has thus reconfigured the subject to “Emlocution” embodying mastery and elocution. And, she makes elocution, the dreaded field it once was to an appealing field it now is. Em, my R-TV News Presentation class is thankful.”

“Em Bartels is an absolutely captivating presenter. Her elocution and Customer Service Presentation to my MA MARKETING Strategy Class was very well received. I’ll recommend her any day,” this is from Professor Robert Ebo Hinson, Head, Department of Marketing and International Business, University of Ghana Business School.

This years event will come off on Saturday, May 25 at the British Council, Accra, near the World Trade Centre. The programme starts at 10 am and ends at 4 pm.

Registration can be completed by sending details of your representatives via email to

Registration ends on May 20.

Participation fee for Elocution 101 is only GHS 500/ person.