Former Advisory Council Chairman of the Project Management Institute Ghana is advocating for the establishment of an independent project management board to evaluate and monitor the quality of projects delivered in the country.

According to Moses Tetteh, the unavailability of such a body can be blamed for the poor quality of work on some road and school projects.

Mr Tetteh believes such a board is very critical in the development of the country.

He was speaking at a press conference to launch this year’s project management awards which is slated for November this year.

“Virtually all the budget statement of the Government is about projects they plan to execute. This means a large percentage of our nation’s revenue is spent on projects, this is why it is critical to have an independent body that monitors and evaluates projects” he noted.

The project management award is instituted to reward excellence in project delivery and cost-effective projects in the country.

Project managers are expected to submit projects done for the committee to evaluate base on the principles of quality, cost of projects time frame among others.

The award is under the theme: rewarding project management excellence in Ghana