After Luka Modric was confirmed as FIFA player of the year, the votes of top stars including Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been revealed.

The award was decided by a collection of votes, coming from the captains of each international team, their managers, and designated media officials from each country.

Modric took the top honour with 29.05 per cent of the vote, with Ronaldo receiving 19.08 per cent and Salah 11.23 per cent.

Each voting individual had to make three selections: a first-placed player who would receive five points, a second-placed player to receive three points and a third-placed player to receive one point.

Following the ceremony, FIFA revealed the breakdown of the vote, with some interesting surprises among the selections.

Despite not making the final three, Messi voted his rival Ronaldo in third place, with Kylian Mbappe in second place and Modric in first.

Ronaldo, however, opted not to vote for Messi at all, placing his former Real Madrid team-mate Raphael Varane in first, with Modric second and Antoine Griezmann as third.

Spain captain Sergio Ramos picked Modric, Ronaldo and Messi as his order.

Harry Kane was given a vote from Gary White, the coach of Chinese Taipei as well as Dion Godet, the coach of the Bahamas – but was not placed first by any of his fellow players.

Kane himself cast a vote as captain of England, choosing Ronaldo in first, with Messi and Kevin De Bruyne as second and third.

Here are some of the top picks of the votes of some more notable players and managers…

Click here to view all the votes on the FIFA website.