Concerned commuters of Dawenhya in the Tema Metropolitan Assembly of the Greater Accra region are calling on government to fix the Kpone barrier road.

According to them, lack of a traffic light at the barrier causes a lot of traffic in the area which makes commuters waste a lot of otherwise productive hours on the road. 

“We are suffering, we have screamed and screamed but we don’t know who is listening to us to handle the situation for us,” a frustrated resident lamented on the Super Morning Show, Tuesday.

He added, “Some people leave the house at 5:00 am to take their children to school because they want to avoid the traffic jam.”

The residents and other road users are therefore calling on the authorities to come to their aid. 

Kpone Barrier

Below are the concerns they have raised: 

According to them, on the main Dawenhya road, before a driver hits the motorway, three key repairs ought to take place.

Firstly, the Afienya junction into Dawhenya is a “manhole”  and it’s not good enough to just pour rocks or sand into it as a similar thing has been done in the past which lasted for only three days.

Kpone Barrier

Secondly, they want the Kpone barrier or junction to have a traffic light so as to help regulate the flow of vehicles.

According to them, the current free for all is a major cause of the traffic situation and it doesn’t even make sense.

“I have seen police officers sent to the area to control traffic give up because some of the drivers aren’t ready to even listen to their instructions. It’s more dangerous when you see a small car trying to battle for space with a petrol tanker truck,” one of the residents said.

Thirdly, the residents say the pothole on the TT Brothers area before one gets to the motorway roundabout is a mess which needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Kpone Barrier

Lastly, the frustrated road users say those in Prampram/Ningo areas can even avoid the use of the main road if a steel bridge is constructed across a small river leading to the TOR area.

“The two main assemblies in both Kpone and Prampram/Ningo can come together to execute that job. They can even decide to take a toll to pay for the cost and users will be more than willing to do that,” another commuter suggested.