Former CEO for the Ghana Highway Authority, Ing. Kwadwo Nyanpong Aboagye

Former CEO for the Ghana Highway Authority, Ing. Kwadwo Nyanpong Aboagye has added his voice to calls for the Electoral Commission to back down on its decision to compile a new voter’s register for the upcoming December 2020 parliamentary and presidential elections.

Engineer Aboagye Nyanpong who is also the parliamentary candidate for the NDC in the Biakoye constituency in the Oti region thinks it is unnecessary and a waste of resources for the electoral commission to invest in the compilation of a new voters’ register in this difficult time of Covid-19.

The Commission has, for the past few months drummed home the need for a new roll, describing it as critical for a transparent process.

The EC insists the current register is bloated and not fit for purpose.

Despite pressure from some political parties including the Inter-Party Resistance Against the New Voters’ Register to call off the plan, the EC subsequently scheduled April 18 as the date to go ahead with the exercise ahead of the December general elections.

But the commitment was suspended amid the government’s announcement of measures to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The former CEO argues that the money for the new voters’ register should be channelled into procuring PPEs for nurses for the fight against Covid-19 in the county.

Ing. Aboagye was speaking to Oti regional correspondent Peter Senoo after he presented a broad base canopy and some handwashing items to the Worawora government hospital.