A team of engineers from the Bridge Maintenance division of the Ministry of Roads and Highways have been inspecting the Galosota Bridge which is in deplorable condition.

It follows a Joy News report on the bad state of the bridge which has seen more than fifteen communities in the Keta Municipality denied access to the only health facility in the area, as residents; mostly women and children on motorbikes, fall into the Vinye River.

More than six people, mostly women and children on motorbikes have fallen into the Vinye River in the first half of this year alone as a result of gaping holes that have developed on the surface of the bridge.

About 25 communities who use the bridge have been cut off from rest of the municipality as residents fear for their lives.

The deplorable nature of the bridge is also affecting the operations of the only health facility in the area, Galosota Health Center as daily attendance has declined drastically.

But after Joy News' report on the plight of residents in the area, a four-man team has been inspecting the bridge.

Leader of the team, a Bridge Maintenance Engineer, Nathan Odjao conceded the bridge requires maintenance work.

“The deck; that is, the running surface, the plate on it has been worn out. So all that needs to be replaced,” he confirmed.

Mr. Odjao told Joy News the fact-finding team will recommend maintenance of the bridge in its official report but he is not sure of when work will commence.

“The purpose of the visit together with the Bridge Maintenance Unit of the Ghana Highway Authority is to assess the situation and report to our bosses so that they will give recommendations as to the maintenance that needs to be carried out,” he said.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for the area, Kofi Humado is happy over the development.

He hopes construction works will begin soon.