The bold but risky decision by the Ghana Beach Soccer Association (GBSA) to commence two leagues simultaneously will no doubt raise eyebrows and questions as to the readiness of teams for such an engaging and marathon campaign.

However the organizing secretary of the association has defended the decision calling it ‘‘a bold step forward and not a fearful step backwards’’ Senanu Gbewonyo who won a 95% of votes in the GBSA’s Congress ahead of the league believes the learning curve for players and officials would be better enhanced if matches are played on the same day so mistakes can be identified by all stakeholders and acted upon swiftly. ‘‘ There is no point in having a league if we are afraid to make mistakes because that is the essence of progress and learning when it comes to sports development’’

Mr Gbewonyo’s comments followed the failure of several teams to honour their first week fixtures at the La Beach Soccer Arena. Only four teams reported for their games in the lower tier league. However the match commissioner Paul Aggrey in consultation with the Beach Soccer League Board (BSLB) and yet to be named potential sponsors.

Division 1 proceedings then swiftly commenced under the whistle of referee Seth Ashai with the first ending in a comfortable 2-0 win for highly impressive Chorkor based Black Sea Lions. Both goals were scored by skillful striker Thomas Tetteh who was quick to acknowledge team manger Francis Clottey and coach Abdulai aka woodman.

The scheduled game between Nima Beach Soccer Club and Jamestown Octopus did not materialize as the latter failed to turn up. Nima were therefore handed the maximum three points and three goals. The third match between Golden Eagles from Cape Coast and and Gulf Powers from Abosey Okai came to an exciting climax as the older and more experienced Gulf Powers managed to secure a draw with virtually the last kick of the third quarter.

One of the youngest players in the league, 18 year old Enoch Karim Kobina produced a fine finish to give the Eagles a first quarter lead but Prince Tagoe Jnr grabbed a late equalizer for Gulf Powers to rescue a point.

The last match was also a walkover victory for Nungua Beach Soccer Club as they were awarded three points and three goals. Global Supporters from Ada, Chorkor Blue Whales and Jamestown Octopus all failed to report for their matches and would be fined by the Beach Soccer League Board (BSLB). No official protests were lodged.


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