The Ghana FA vice president Fred Pappoe has stated that despite the euphoria surrounding the upcoming friendly against England, the Black Stars 2012 Nations Cup qualifier ahead of that game is of more importance.

The AFP quoted him to have said the West Africans are keen on qualifying to the next AFCON in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. He said Ghanaians are excited about the Three Lions game because it is the first time they are meeting the 2010 World Cup quarter-finalists.

“For the Ghana Football Association, the Congo game is our number one priority because it is an important and competitive qualifier and we have made that very clear from day one,” Pappoe insisted.

“I clearly understand the excitement behind the England match. It is the first time the two countries are meeting at senior level.”

Ghana would play Congo in Brazzaville on March 27 and head to England two days after to face-off with Fabio Capello’s charges at the Wembley Stadium.

With barely two weeks to the game, the English FA said all tickets have been sold out.

“England’s game with Ghana on Tuesday 29 March has now completely sold out,” the FA said on its website.

“No further tickets will be made available for the game now and there will not be any tickets for sale on match day, so we urge supporters not to travel unless they have a ticket for the match in Wembley.”



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