The Covid-19 Private Sector Fund is constructing a 100-bed infectious disease facility in Accra

Africa Leadership Magazine has ranked Ghana’s Covid-19 Private Sector Fund as 7th out of 100 Covid-19 Africa Response Champions who are leading the continent’s path to healing and recovery.

Twenty-five of these champions were unveiled on June 25 with the Africa Leadership Magazine saying the rest will be unveiled at the end of July and August.

“These groups have shown a dedication to the growth and sustenance of Africa through their generous contributions towards mitigating the effect of the pandemic in their regions,” the magazine said in a statement.

The initiative, according to the African Leadership magazine, is part of its “mandate of showcasing development, innovation, and reporting the best of Africa to the world.”

The featured entities “comprise of government bodies, organisations, and individuals who have championed the fight against the impact of the pandemic, in their communities and across Africa in the most impactful ways.

“These response champions have partnered with governments, through financial donations, equipment supply, service provisions, and mobilizing citizens to support, etc.”

 Covid-19 Private Sector Fund

The Covid-19 Private Sector Fund was launched with the objective “to partly finance government of Ghana’s interventions and equip select health service and supply chain facilities and activities in the fight against Covid-19”

The fund has since introduced projects like a 100-bed infectious disease facility at Ga East.

The facility is set to be commission on July 17 and expected to start receiving patients by month’s end.

One of the Trustees, Tony Oteng-Gyasi, CEO of Tropical Cable and Conductor Limited, couldn’t hide his joy at the “incredible work” done by the project management team to bring the Trustees’ dream to fruition.

“Two weeks ago, we were here and it was 75% completed. Today it is 90% completed and they have assured us that by the 17th of July they will be ready to hand over,” he said. “It is incredible that we started this project on 15th April and in three months exactly it is ready for use. It is a manifestation that Ghanaians can achieve things for our own country and for ourselves.”