Aduana Stars chief executive officer Albert Commey has disclosed the club have had to slash the salaries of players.

Domestic football has taken a downward turn since a corruption scandal hurt the nation’s football association in June 2018, halting all activities and competitions including the Premier League and FA Cup.

Resumption of the top-flight, following a makeshift Special Competition organised between February and June this year to “keep clubs busy”, has been left in the air due to a lack of agreement between a Fifa Normalisation Committee for football administration in the country and the Ghana League Clubs Association (Ghalca).

“With the situation, we find ourselves in, we are forced to slash the salaries of players because there is no football,” Commey told Asempa FM.

Albert Commey

“Some of our sponsors have made us understand that until the league starts, they are not paying us any money while another company wrote to us that they have withdrawn their sponsorship because there is no league. You can’t fault them.

“All these make running a club in the country difficult.

“We had been trying to pay full salaries until this month when management sat down with players and presented them with two options – either to go sit home without pay until football returns or they take a pay cut and train with us. And they opted for the latter, that was about two weeks ago.

“We are only applying what the clauses in our contracts say in force majeure situations. The fact is that this is not deliberate. Others [clubs] begun it [a while back] but for us, it is now we are starting. However, when we start the league, it will come back to the normal pay.”

Last month, a move by the Normalisation Committee to begin a new league season was rejected by the clubs who insisted on holding an extraordinary congress and electing a new FA leadership to supervise the organisation of the local championship.

Congress, initially set for August, has been rescheduled to September.

Two-time champions Aduana are the current title holders of the league.



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