The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) Council has announced the appointment of Abena Osei-Poku as the Chairperson of the Council effective October 14, 2021.

She is the second female in twenty-six years to become the Chairperson of the Exchange after Gloria Nikoi of blessed memory. She takes over from Ray Anselm Sowah, whose tenure ended at the last Annual general meeting
held on 28th July,2021.

As one of the three independent members on the Council representing the Associate members, Mrs. Osei-Poku is also the Managing Director of Absa Bank Ghana – a systematically important player in the Ghanaian economy. Abena is credited with leading the successful Barclays transition from a “100-year-old household brand” into Absa.

She is responsible for charting a transformational direction for the bank and for entrenching the new brand amongst key clients, customers, and all stakeholders.

Prior to this, she worked at Absa Group in South Africa as Managing Director responsible for the Corporate & Investment Banking business in East and West Africa.

As a High-Ambition leader, Abena combines an effective commitment to high financial performance and social good.

She has over 27-years pan-African experience from Standard Chartered and Barclays Bank with various leadership roles in risk management, corporate governance, business management, strategy, client coverage and change management.

Abena Osei-Poku has broad board experience having previously sat on boards in telecommunications, banking, commerce, and hospitality.

She is currently the Chairperson of the Advisory Board of the College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana. In addition, she sits on other executive fora and is an Honorary Member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers
and an Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana.

Abena is an alumnus of the University of Ghana and has an MBA from the Manchester Business School in the United Kingdom. She has participated in various leadership and other programs worldwide. She is fluent in English with a working knowledge of French.

The GSE Council would like to take this opportunity to wish her every success in her new role as the Chair of the council.

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