A Ghanaian cultural dance choreographer, Vans Calebs received an honorary award in the maiden edition of the ‘Spotlight Creative Arts and Business Awards’ held in Accra.

According to the organisers of the awards scheme, Vans Calebs was honoured as a result of his efforts in promoting Ghanaian cultural dance both local and abroad.

In the citation, the organisers praised the contributions of Van Calebs in the arts and culture space describing him as a true lover of Arts.

“You signify and exude passion through your art. You showcase a purpose-filled masterpiece as you perform. We want to use this opportunity to appreciate you and congratulate you for all you do. May your works bring the very best”, the citation read.

After receiving the award, Van Calebs stated that he remains committed to his craft amid the Coronavirus pandemic that has stalled the promotion of arts and culture.

According to Van Calebs, the road to carving a profession out of cultural dance has been a long and tiresome one. Nevertheless, he still could see hope for the future; even in the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

“It has been more than seven years since I started paying full attention to Ghanaian cultural dance and it has been great; even though we haven’t received a lot of recognition, and that’s why this award means a lot to me. I believe it will open doors for more recognition. In fact, I am actually impressed that someone took time to research about us and the work we have done for this award”, he said.

The young energetic dancer added that: “We have actually been practicing, because we are sure that there will be bigger job offers in 2022. We also have a tour scheduled for Florida, Washington D.C. and Las Vegas in the United States soon. But, in the meantime, we have been performing for some guests on arrival at the Airport”, he said.

Van Calebs has worked with quite a number of Ghanaian cultural dance troupes including Cape Coast-based dance troupe ‘Dufie’.

The vibrant dancer hopes to tour the world and impact the global community with original Ghanaian dance.