The hypocrisy of Ghanaians is sickening. And for some strange reasons, Ghanaians rejoice when police is in trouble but go dead silent when policemen are injured and even die in line of duty protecting the same Ghanaians.

When did we become this wicked towards the same people who protect us when we are comfortably sleeping and snoring at night?

Is it a crime a to be called a police officer? Or I am thinking it is a death warrant!! Is the policeman not a human being? Do they not come from families too??

Which profession in Ghana does not have bad nuts?? Let me remind you of some very few ones; we were here in Ghana when a Presbyterian Reverend was indicted for sexual offences. A lawyer from the noblest profession on earth was jailed just some few weeks ago for fraud and it happened right here in Ghana. Some Teachers have been indicted and jailed for various misconducts including sexual offences.

Should I go on? some journalists have had issues with the law and they cannot pretend to be saints. Some Bankers have been jailed for aiding criminals in financial offences.

Ghanaians have never jubilated when people other the the police are caught up in bad situations. And I ask, why is the police treated cruelly different in similar situations???

There is this erroneous mindset of the Ghanaian that the policeman is paid by the taxpayer's money as such they can be treated anyhow. Don't the police pay taxes too??????? Or the police are given tax exemptions???

A policeman in Ghana is treated like an enemy by the same people he risks his life for??? You hate the police, yet when there is traffic, you expect the police to direct traffic for you to arrive at your destination on time. You hate the police but when you are attacked by armed robbers, you call 18555 and expect the police to fly to your rescue. You hate the police yet when you see dead bodies (lyched/murdered/killed by careless driving), you are fast to call the police to pick the corpse as if the policeman is a mortuary attendant. You hate the police but when you are defrauded through your own negligence, you expect the police to perform magic and retrieve your money or valuables for you.

Are we okay as a people??????? What is wrong with us?????

One policeman commits an offence and the whole nation is against the Police, yet, expect the same police to protect them.

Oh 'me man Ghana!' How did we get here?

There are 'Mensahs' everywhere we find ourselves so let us be careful the way we chastise the police because it is only a handful of them that are the bad nuts (so to speak).

Instead of killing the Police with unwarranted hatred, why don't we encourage them to serve us the way we want them to?

Let us assure them that we know how difficult and challenging the police work is and we appreciate every effort they put in to make our society safer instead of making them feel that it is a crime and a death warrant to be called a police officer.

God bless Ghana Police Service!!
God bless Ghana!