The Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), Sulemana Braimah, has observed that the country’s democracy is increasingly becoming an affair between the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

This is an apparent reference to the fact that the two parties, since 1992, have dominated Ghana’s political space which means that instead of a multi-party system, the country has virtually become a two-party state.

“Increasingly, what we call democracy is becoming an affair between NPP and NDC,” he said.

According to him the dominance of the two parties is a threat to the country’s democracy.

He made the assertion on Saturday, April 30, during Newsfile on the 2021 Country Reports on human rights which “shows depressing and grim findings of Ghana.”

The latest Country Reports on Human Rights Practices highlight issues including; denial of a fair public trial, corruption and lack of transparency in government, arbitrary deprivation of life, and other unlawful or politically motivated killings.

Mr. Braimah believes the findings in the report, particularly those on the unlawful and politically motivated killings are a result of a compromise on the rule of law.

“Democracy should be about rule of law, but when increasingly it becomes the rule of man, or rule of strength, then we begin to see some of these developments,” he said.

He also indicated that people now perceive politics as an easy venture to amassing wealth, hence, their willingness to go any mile to stay relevant in the game.

“Politics has become one of the easiest roots to becoming wealthy, people are prepared to do anything. You just need an appointment by the President and that takes you to a different class in terms of economics.

“There are people who were earning less than 2,000 and by a mere appointment of the President, they are now earning about 20 to 30 times what they were previously and so for such people you can trust that they will do anything possible to ensure that they get to the positions that they need to have so it’s a business thing that’s happening,” he added.

Mr. Braimah, thus, called for urgent steps to be taken to salvage the country’s democracy.

“It has come to the point about the integrity of our democracy that needs a lot of refinement,” he stated.