The Gemini Life Insurance Company has announced an insurance cover of two million GH Cedis (Two billion cedis) for the national female team, the Black Queens and the National Under-17 team, the Black Starlets.

This is in support of their preparations towards the World Championships.

The company also presented 4000 GHC (40 Million cedis) to the two teams.

The insurance cover is to give the players the necessary security to ensure effective delivery on the field during the impending World Under-17 Championship in Korea and the World Women Championship in China in August and September respectively.

In addition to the insurance cover, each goal scored at both competitions at the preliminary level will attract 200 GHC (two million cedis), whilst 150 GHC (15 million cedis) will go for each goal scored at the quarter final stage, with 300 GHC (three million cedis) for each goal scored in the semi finals.

Mr. Kwaku Forku-Kyei, Executive Director of the company said each goal scored in the finals will attract 1000 GHC (10 million cedis) and additional 1000 GHC (10 million cedis) for a qualification to the medal zone.

He added that each team will take home an extra 5000 GHC (50 million cedis) alongside a life insurance cover for the team if they win the ultimate at the respective competitions.
Mr Forku-Kyei said his outfit will also provide the team with 60 pieces of Polo Shirts for their training programmes and expressed the hope that the package will motivate the teams to achieve greater results.

He said the gesture of the company is a demonstration of their commitment and continued support for a national course through sports, adding that the company will continue to support all national teams and the Olympics teams as they search for glory on the international scene.

“It is our hope that our widow’s mite would ginger the players to deliver as the nation patiently awaits a new World Cup to enrich its sports CV.

“As ambassadors of Ghana, GLICO is convinced the two teams would be good ambassadors to sell the country diplomatically to the rest of the world.”

Source: GNA


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