Raw Shea Butter

Global Shea Alliance (GSA), advocates for promoting industry sustainability, quality practices and standards, and demand for shea in food and cosmetics, will host its annual conference, Shea 2022, from June 6 to 8 2022 in Lomé, Togo.

This year’s theme “Growing the Future: Strengthening resilience and restoration” celebrates the fortitude the industry has exhibited over the last two years and highlights the growing demand for shea, made possible through improved technologies, increased utilisation in the food and personal care sectors, growing consumer awareness and new legislation taking effect around the world.

The conference will expand on building resilience in the industry through improved
parkland management, shea supply and processing expansion while opening a dialogue about the growth direction of the future in the industry for the next decade.

“We are pleased to finally be able to meet industry professionals in person and advance the future of the shea industry.

“This year’s conference will be exciting as great strides have been made that will greatly affect the future outlook of the industry and its effects on the various shea stakeholders,” said Simballa Sylla, President of the Global Shea Alliance.

“Attendees will be part of efforts to strategise a more resilient future for shea, expanding on new laws and policies that will positively affect the industry ”.
The conference sub-themes are

  • Strengthening Resilience:

Historically this has meant facing challenges in terms of declining tree populations affecting supply but over the last few years the industry has learnt some hard lessons about disruption and perseverance with good strategies, will move in new directions and adapt to change.

Strengthening resilience will build on great adaptation strategies like tree planting, farmer-managed natural regeneration, integrated agricultural systems and parkland management through the Action for Shea parklands initiative. All of these strategies are dependent on the shea women across Africa whose hard work through difficult times has inspired the need for a more resilient value chain.

  • Building New:

Maximising the benefits of new EU and intercontinental regulations and other new market opportunities will increase the demand for shea over the coming years from food and cosmetic companies.

The three-day event is expected to attract 250-350 participants both in-person and online and will feature presentations from seasoned industry professionals on the above topics.

Special Features

The conference will feature special events to expand the knowledge and network of shea stakeholders.

  • B2B Networking: Business to business meetings between stakeholders in the shea
  • Shea Expo 2022: SMEs will have the opportunity to showcase their products and
    demonstrate the benefits of shea
  • SMEs trainings: Trainings for startup entrepreneurs to grow and expand their
    businesses with good business practice, documentation, product formulation, packaging, and shea oil production
  • The Shea Village Experience: A first time ever experience that demonstrates the
    step-by-step shea butter-making process to attendees.