The Secretary-General for the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), Dr Justice Yankson, has called on local authorities to take action against individuals who flout the lockdown directive and other precautionary measures.

Speaking Sunday on ‘The Lockdown’ on JoyNews, he indicated that the fight against the pandemic is not only the responsibility of health workers and the assist the Covid-19 Safety Taskforce put together by the government but includes efforts of all citizens as well.

“I expect that they [local authorities] go hard on some of the recalcitrant people in their various communities, to ensure that we are all protected from the virus,” he said.

Stressing on the need to observe social distancing in the markets, Dr Yankson was worried that crowded markets in various parts of the country, could endanger the lives of citizens and render all initiatives implemented by government to contain the virus futile.

He advised traders to stick to the precautionary ethics preached by the Ghana Health Service to save lives.

“What we are doing is for our common good so people should not be selfish by wanting to earn more money with the process. Because if you earn the money and lose your life, was it worth it?”

He added that: “Market women must ensure that they observe social distancing between themselves and the customer as well.”

The General Secretary also applauded the Ghana Police Service and other security services, for putting in place measures to deal with recalcitrance.

“What the police have done is very laudable. We need to crack down on people who are being recalcitrant and apply all the necessary punishment [when caught],” he said.

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