The Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana in the Northern Region says the sector Minister, ET Mensah must get an education on labour issues.

They have therefore recommended the Labour College and an upgraded course at the University of Cape Coast if the minister so wishes to further his education.

“CLOGSAG is not surprised at the comment because this is the attitude, posture and body language of some one who is fatigued in governance. Tracing his background in politics to as far as the PNDC era till date.

“…For now what we advice the minister to do before we call on the president for his removal, is he should undertake courses in labour related issues starting from the labour college and may further it to the UCC,” Ali Anafu, Northern Regional Secretary of CLOGSAG said in a strong worded petition to the Northern Region Assembly for onward transmission to the government.

This is in reaction to an alleged comment from the Employment Minister ET Mensah who insinuated that the agitation by CLOGSAG is politically motivated.

The Association embarked on a demonstration last month to demand a right to negotiate their salaries with the Fair Wages Commission, but their demands are yet to be met.

They also claim the new pay policy, the Single Spine Salary Structure is fraught with several challenges and are pleading with government to address them.

The Association appear dissatisfied with the pace at which government was working on the issue, and claim the recent pronouncements by the sector minister have aggravated the matter.

The petition also had some few words for the Deputy Employment Minister: “As for the Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Welfare, his conscience will judge him as he sits down and reflects on the number of times he visited the association and the assurance he gave the association during the electioneering campaign.”

The head of Civil Service has been meeting with the members of CLOGSAG to find a way forward.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/