From the smallest dog in the world to the largest walking robot to the fastest backbend, there are many weird and wonderful records that have made the latest edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

This year’s entries are even wackier than before, with the lowest limbo set by Rohan Kokane from Kamatake in India and the fastest 100 metre run in high heels set by Julia Plecher.

Several Brits have made the book, including James Brown from Nottingham, who holds the record for the world’s largest vacuum cleaner collection, with over 322 models to his name. His collection is so extensive that he has even opened a museum.

While contortionist Leilani Franco has set the record for performing the world’s fastest backbend, which requires a contender to have their hands and feet on the floor, with their arms extended over their shoulders and head, and their back arched.

Ms. Franco shot to fame after appearing on talent show Britain’s Got Talent and is known for serving tea using her toes.

There are also many furry record setters making this year’s edition. Ozzy, a border collie from Norwich who has become the fastest dog in the world to cross a tightrope. Four-year-old Ozzy crossed a 3.5 metre (11.4ft) tightrope in 18.22 seconds.

Colonel Meow has earned his place in the book for having the longest fur in the world on a cat. The fluffy feline from Los Angeles has hair reaching up to 22.87cm which has to be brushed several times a week.

The hirsute moggy has become an Internet sensation and could certainly give fellow feline star Grumpy Cat a run for her money with his decidedly dour expression and hair-raising coat.