The Headmaster of the St. Charles Liwanga R/C junior High School has reported himself to the police.

The police are currently detaining him to assist with investigation into the drowning of students of the school. 

It will be recalled that seven students of the St. Charles Liwanga Junior High School in the Saboba District of the Northern Region yesterday drowned when one of the two canoes they were using capsized on the Oti River.

Victims of the incident are still being searched for by search parties as some students remain missing.

The students, numbering 31 had gone to harvest rice from the farm of their headteacher and were returning to Saboba when the disaster occurred.

The brother of the headteacher had indicated that the family could not trace him but updating JoyNews, Saboba District Police Commander, ASP Shine Zoiku said the headteacher turned himself in this morning and is being detained.

He said one more body had been recovered.

A member of the search party currently at the riverside said the team is still trying to recover the last body.

He said the seven bodies which were to be sent to the Yendi hospital for preservation were buried last night because families of the deceased said they did not want to pursue the matter any further.

They believe it was an act of God.

He said the body which was removed this morning has also been buried.

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