Inusah Fuseini is a Member of Parliament for Tamale Central

The Ranking Member on Parliament’s Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee is set to join a resistance to Clemence Honyenuga’s approval to the Supreme Court.

Inusah Fuseini who has more than 15 years experience as a lawmaker says he is unable to support the Court of Appeal judge’s elevation to the apex court.

The Tamale Central MP explained that his reason is largely due to issues with the nominees moral standing and integrity.

“Why would I approve him,” Fuseini told Roland Walker on JoyNews’ AM Show on Wednesday when asked the stand he would have taken had he been part of the Appointments Committee.

Fuseini on Honyenuga's Supreme Court
Fuseini says he will oppose Honyenuga’s approval to the Supreme Court

“Even today when I am the opportunity to talk in parliament, I would advocate for us not to approve him,” he said, adding Justice Honyenuga “failed the litmus test.”

Honyenuga came under fire earlier in 2020 for endorsing President Akufo-Addo for a second term in office.

Critics said he had conducted himself in an unprofessional manner for a justice of a superior court.

Months later, Akufo-Addo nominated him to the highest court, subject to parliamentary vetting and approval.

Responding to queries from members of the Appointments Committee during his vetting on Monday, May 11, Honyenuga said the endorsement of the president was not personal.

He said he only read a prepared speech on behalf of his people – as their traditional ruler – when the first gentleman paid a visit to the area.

But the Minority members on the committee were not convinced, forcing the judge to apologise for the comments.

The Committee later approved him in a 10-7 spilt decision.

As the subject comes up for discussion in the plenary Wednesday, the NDC MPs are bracing to overturn the approval from the committee level.

For them to succeed, they would need 63 members from the governing NPP to vote against the president’s nominee, a feat which would be unprecedented.