New Patriotic Party Parliamentary Candidate for Kpando, Mr Theophilus Ernest Quist, has described himself as an “injury time player” sent in at the last hour to capture the parliamentary seat for the Party.

He said it was prudent that the party “wrestled the Kpando Parliamentary seat” from the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), which had since 1992 represented the Constituency without a commensurate development to show must be voted out in the December elections.

The Parliamentary candidate said even though he was not in office for long, “the massive infrastructural development” he supervised in the Municipality “were manifestations of the good policies of the President.”

Mr Quist, who is also the Municipal Chief Executive of Kpando, speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said:

“I call myself a fighter, I will stop at nothing to do what I have to do, provided it is genuine, I have been in office for this short time and just look at the transformation I have brought to my people.”

He said he spent his entire life in the Municipality and understood better the needs of the people that his party had sent to rescue.

“I have been in Kpando all my life and know what the people are going through. I understand them better and can rescue them from their plight,” he added.

He said it was during his tenure as MCE that the people of Torkor, a fishing community in Kpando, saw “water running through their taps” and that showed how determined he was to help his people and certain to do more if the people gave him their mandate.

Mr Quist said the Kpando township was now a “beauty to behold” especially during the night after some major street lights were fixed.